Villa Maroon

Elegant and Beautiful

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East-Legon, Accra-Ghana


Living, Villas



Lead Designer

Bari Kwaning

Villa Maroon boasts of dark hues of burgundy and burnt sienna which echoes an elegant architectural composition. The earth tones expressed on the building are sharply outlined by white planes and borders which reveals the building's materiality from a distance.

Villa Maroon is perceived as a panoramic element capturing nature's fine views from its large floor to ceiling glass windows. The first floor accommodates three bedrooms with the master suite enjoying the views of lush greenery across the street from its balcony.

The living area is semi-open to create an illusion of privacy between the relaxation, cooking and dining area. An outdoor kitchen is accessed from the main kitchen and is well ventilated by the prevailing south-western winds. Subtle reflections of light spill over the soft landscaping creating an interesting aura for relaxation and comfort.

Maroon's spaces on the ground level are tucked generously away from its boundaries whilst sleeping spaces on the first floor extend beyond and creates an illusion of a floating mass providing shade to the ground floor spaces. Bold curvaceous balconies and overhangs define the floating illusion of the cantilevered form expressing a feeling of continuity and movement.

An intimate experience is achieved within the outdoor landscaped areas through warm light fixtures and elements.