Open-Close House

An Oxymoronic Architectural Ensemble

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Under Construction



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East-Legon, Accra-Ghana





Lead Designer

Bari Kwaning

"How can privacy and openness be interplayed at the same time”? The “Open-Close House” demonstrates the articulation of privacy and transparency through a “checked board” façade. Open-close house demonstrates an interesting interplay of form, colour and materiality.

The bedrooms on the first floor are tucked to the south of the house for privacy whiles the master suite on the second floor opens up to the street on the north of the site. Upon entry into the space, a graceful entry is experienced through the double volume living area which opens up seamlessly into the dining area and kitchen

The wood and stone elements on the façade of the ground level gives the building a subtle character. An intimate experience of the surrounding landscape is made possible from the office window with a series of creeping plants meandering along the vertical lattice elements shading the window.

The master suite connects to the views on the street through its large transparent floor to ceiling glass windows.

The integration of a home-office on the first floor is an architectural response to the new normal of carrying out work activities from the comfort of your home.